Betina Lou

About Betina Lou

Betina Lou offers timeless, feminine apparel that is easy-to-wear. The line blends classic and modern design, providing wardrobe staples with delicate, thoughtful details. Neutral colours are combined with subtle patterns to create versatile garments made to last.

Our collections continue to draw inspiration from uniforms and men’s wardrobe items while emphasizing feminine cuts and finishes. This has been Montreal designer Marie-Eve Emond’s vision since she launched Betina Lou in 2009.

Clothing Production

All Betina Lou’s clothing is designed and cut in Montreal, then assembled locally by small teams. Our fabrics — each selected with care by the designer — are manufactured primarily in Canada, United-States, Europe and Japan. Adjustments are tested on a variety of models to improve the practicality of the design for everyday wear.

Betina Lou’s team takes pride in the quality, fit and the finishing details of its garments, inspecting every item to prevent and correct even the slightest defect. This ensures that the products received by our clients are flawless.

Product Guarantee

All of Betina Lou’s clothing is guaranteed. Although our garments and their components are carefully inspected, it is possible for breakage or abnormal wear and tear to occur. In this event, we are more than happy to repair or exchange the item. This can be arranged by contacting your retailer or customer service.

Sustainable Approach

Betina Lou advocates ethical and eco-responsible behaviour and encourages their customers to do the same by investing in quality and durability over quantity. By using quality materials to create garments that will last, we promote slow wear.

Whenever possible, the line uses natural fibres that are renewable and biodegradable, such as wool, cotton, silk and linen.

Since clothing care also has an environmental impact, we recommend that most of our products be machine washed on cold then hung or laid flat instead of machine dried. This considerably reduces energy consumption. However, some of our pieces require dry cleaning to maintain their original condition. We recommend that you choose environmentally friendly cleaners for these items.

We also strive to minimize the amount of packaging used. Our garments are shipped to retailers in reusable or biodegradable bags and boxes, and items purchased at our online store are sent in envelopes made from recycled newsprint. Our labels and printed materials are produced locally.