BLOOM. Charcoal


Kimono by Odeyalo

Here's another versatile piece that can be worn in a casual or chic way, depending on your mood.  The minimal cut and the oversized pockets are the perfect mix of comfort and functionality. This very noble material gives it an elegant look with a slightly more structured fit than the cotton version. This breathable and absorbant fabric is perfect for warmer days.  Wear it crisp and dressy or washed and wrinkled for a more casual look.

Considered a slow fashion brand, Odeyalo distinguishes itself for many reasons. Firstly by its pieces that fit perfectly into a minimalist wardrobe, the transparency in their production, their environmental consciousness that goes into the selection of their fabrics and their local production that is done in small quantities on the island of Montreal.

Also available in black

Pairs well with the Snack & blues pants

Made in Montreal

The model is 5'9" and wears a size XS/S

The second model is 5'8" and wears a size XS/S