Bar Soap . Citrus and Sage

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Moisturizing soap with shea butter and dried herbs. Scented with a delightful blend of freshly squeezed citrus and soothing herbs, it has it all (may not be suitable for sensitive skin).
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Composition Shea butter and dried herbs.
Weight 105g
Made in Montreal, Canada

With their enchanting softness and divine fragrances, Flambette soaps give you the perfect excuse to jump in the shower, and make it last forever. Their natural ingredients are packed with goodness and leave your skin feeling euphorically light and soft. Among other ingredients, shea butter is included – famous for its moisturizing virtues and power to pamper yourself from head to toes. Oh, and you’ve guessed it : Flambette soaps make perfect gifts. Unless you decide to make it your best-kept secret.

Flambette products are hand-made in a small Quebec workshop. They are composed of healthy, natural ingredients and are recognized for their supply based on a high environmental awareness.