Baranil Glasses Pouch . Black

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Designed with special attention to detail, this eyewear case will accommodate and protect your sunglasses as well as your prescription glasses, and above all bring a touch of timeless luxury to your everyday life.
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Founded in Paris in 2015 by Robin Hureau and Robin Nozay, Laperruque is an artisanal leather goods workshop developing minimalist, functional and durable objects. Each of them is designed and hand-made. Their leathers are selected for their softness, robustness and their ability to acquire a patina and become more beautiful over time.
Realizing only small series, their craftsmen participate in all stages of manufacturing. They handle the traditional know-how of French luxury leather goods with finesse. This attention to detail ensures that their objects are of impeccable quality and disconcertingly simple, as elegant inside as outside.