Soy Candle . African Basil

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2,9 oz. / 80 g Hand made wax candle with notes of african basil, orange, lemon, silver thyme, linden blossom, clove, bay berry leaves, rosewood. Estimated burn time is 20 hours. The minimalist packaging will look stunning for a gift.
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Scent Basil
Weight 2,9 oz. / 80 g
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Inspired by the French way of life, attention to quality, artistry and beauty, the company is named Le Feu De L’Eau, which also honors the unique process the brand use to create their candles. Wendy and Jo create artistically designed, handcrafted candles using a one-of-a-kind top secret process invented by Wendy’s artist father back in the 60’s. They've since perfected the candle-making process by pulling hot wax through water and have curated the designs, colors and scents to bring the ultimate form of beauty into peoples’ lives.