Dubliner Wool Jacket . Navy

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Veste coupée droite en drap de laine épais de couleur marine avec un doublure en popeline de coton de couleur écrue. La veste a deux grandes poches plaquées sur le devant et une poche poitrine, ainsi qu'une poche intérieure. Les boutons sont en cornes. C
Composition Exterior : 100% Wool Lining : 100% Cotton
Designed in Paris, France
Made in Portugal
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Founded in 2018, Outland offers a complete collection of functional and durable pieces, from shirt to pants, sweater to t-shirt, with a predilection for modern and timeless pieces. The accessories are made in Portugal. Their knitwear is crafted in a small traditional factory based in Bretagne, France, whose knitting process uses all the savoir-faire of the region. All our knitted garments are made from a special pure new wool fabric, both soft and strong, warm and breathable, that brings comfort and robustness to the garments. The accessories and other pieces of clothing made of cotton, wool and canvas are made in Portugal.