Linen Water . Nordic Spa

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A linen water that has a fresh and soothing smell of eucalyptus flowers reminiscent of an afternoon spent at the spa. Vaporize on clothes, bed sheets, towels and any other fabric. 100 ml format. Amber bottle that can easily be repurposed.
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Fiber Content Eucalyptus globulus flower water (eucalyptus flower / eucalyptus flower water), eucalyptus globulus oil, (eucalyptus globulus essential oil / eucalyptus blue gum essential oil), eucalyptus radiata oil (essential oil of eucalyptus radiata / eucalyptus radi
Made in Québec

La Vie Apothicaire line is hand-made in Quebec and contains no synthetic perfumes, is sulfate-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free and non-GMO.

All their products are vegan, plant-based, biodegradable and eco-responsible. Even the raw materials they use comes from renewable sources.