Esquive Large Earrings . Brass

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Roundness, finesse, elegance. First carved in wax then cast in sterling silver or brass. Mirror polished finish. Stems and butterflies in sterling silver. Part of the Esquive collection.
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Sizing Information Height: 2.9 cm Width: 1.6 cm Thickness: oscillates between 1 and 2 mm
Product Care It is always preferable to remove your jewelry before showering, swimming or playing sports. Sterling silver and brass tarnish with time, contact with light, water, skin ph, body creams, perfumes, etc.
Made in Montreal by L'Aune

L'AUNE is minimalist, elegant and delicate jewelry that transcends passing fashions. Their fluid and organic shapes inspired by nature and movement give them a soft presence. Made in sterling silver, brass or 14k gold, they sometimes incorporate carefully selected antique stones. Each piece is handcrafted in limited edition.