Lamb And Merino Wool Socks . Black

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Black socks in a mix of lamb and merino wool. Soft, timeless. Keep the warmth ans wick away moisture. Made in Quebec.
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Fiber Content 60% Merino wool and lambswool, 18% Polypropylene, 15% Nylon, 5% Stretch Nylon, 2% Spandex
Made in Québec

At the time of the Enlightenment, the works of a "Bonnetier', french for hosier, was to make socks and hats to sale at the market. This craftanship , resulting from the arrival of a new technique to weave the thread , revolutionized the ways clothes were made. This new technique made it possible to weave the thread giving it elasticity which prompted the creation of new products such as the invention of the sock. The brand chose this name because it recalls the work of the craftsman and the pride of a job well done, but it also reminds the innovation behind it all. Bonnetier offer three categories of products, a collection of outdoor clothing made of merino wool, wool socks, and the famous "funky t-shirts".

Made in Quebec.


Size tips:

S-M refers to a 6-9 Men / 7-10 Women 

M-L- refers to a 9-12 Men / 10-13 Women