Serum Elixir . Anti-aging

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The ingredients of this serum stimulates the natural collagen of the epidermis and activate cellular regeneration while multiplying the moisturizing and anti-wrinkle powers of the daily creams. Easily absorbed by the skin.
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Composition Moringa oil, Musk rose oil, Argan oil, Rosa Damascena (EO), Italian Helichrysum (EO), Sandalwood (EO), Green Myrtle (EO), Vitamin E.
Made in Quebec

Idoine creates highly effective organic beauty products that are enjoyable to use, without compromising nature, cultivators and all living beings. Each product is formulated using organic moringa oil as well as certified organic and therapeutic flower and plant essential oils. 

Through many years of research and training, in both cosmetology and aromatherapy, and by surrounding themselves with laboratory experts, Idoine has been able to create formulas perfectly adapted to every skin type.