Soy Candle . Coco and Lili

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Blend of lily of the valley flowers and coconut fragrance oils. This handcrafted soy candle is made with a non toxic soy wax. Keep your handmade concrete jar, refills are now available.
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Composition Concrete jar, wodden wick and soy wax
Weight Diameter : 3" Height : 3.5"6 oz — 40 hours
Made in Montreal

As a brand, Esser focus their identity on ethical practices. They love sustainable materials, clean lines and fine details. In a world facing overconsumption and ready-to-throw fashion, Esser is the symbol of a high end and responsible ready-to-wear industry.

For them, the materials they choose and the ecological footprint is a priority. Esser is also an open door for collaboration between creative artists and craftsmen. These professionals and their passion for design represent the refined spirit of our brand.