Cotton Socks . Car Heat

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They are nice socks, comfortable and soft. They are dyed with Okayok collections so colours are limited edition and do not repeat. Also available in Dry Wall and Fuschia.
Composition 100% cotton and lycra on the ankle
Sizing Information Big foot = women's shoe size 10 and up. Men's shoe size 9-12. Small foot= up to size 9 women's shoe.
Care Machine wash cold, tumble dry low, do not bleach
Design and made in Toronto, Canada

OKAYOK is a Toronto based clothing and accessory brand for women, men and children. Comfort, ease, and a simple modern aesthetic are always at the top of mind when they design. With each collection, they explore a theme that is interpreted into both a colour story and handmade textile prints and graphics. 

Local is important to them, as is minimizing their carbon footprint. They strive to make the best garments they can with the materials and manufacturers in reach.