Wool and Deerskin Mittens . Heather Black

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Warm and durable mittens made from a wool and nylon blend from the US, with 2.5 oz. deerskin palms. The high quality wool will wick away moisture to keep hands warm and dry. All labels are lightly tacked on and can be removed easily.
Care Hand wash with soft detergent.
Composition Wool, nylon and deerskin
Made in New-York

Upstate Stock cuts their own Deerskin in Brooklyn and attaches them to the gloves using a century old Singer chain-stitch post bed machine.

Upstate Stock was born out of the simple fact that American manufacturing of the highest quality still exists. The same manufacturing  standard from decades ago, that very few countries can match. Over the years, there has been a stark decrease in all areas of American manufacturing; factories and mills that were once thriving are now disappearing. We are determined to return our focus (as well as our customers) back on the honest hard working individuals that once made our jeans, shirts, and accessories for the majority of our country's history. Thank you for not only supporting Upstate Stock, but a rich part of our history that deserves to live on.