Venturi Hexamesh sneaker . Gravel White

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Hexamesh is a resistant fabric made from organic cotton and recycled polyester. The technology used for the weaving creates a flat fabric with a pattern that resembles knitting. Certified cotton grown in Brazil and Peru, respecting people and the environm
Sizing Information W for Women and M for Men
Care The use of a washing machine is not recommended as it may alter the properties of the different materials.
Design in Paris, France
Made in Porto Alegre, Brazil
Composition Insole: Amazonian rubber (12%), sugar cane (46%), recycled polyester (23%) Midsole: Sugar cane (54%) Outsole: Amazonian rubber (31%) Cushion latex: L-Foam (30% natural latex) Lining: Tech (100% recycled polyester) Laces: Organic cotton (100%) Backlo